My maths method to positive scales results

Hello my fellow fasters.

So I have my positivity hat on today for the “End to Week 5″. I have just had a couple of weeks where I had not lost any weight, but worse still, I was also putting weight on. +600g one week, the +100g the next. That is 2 whole weigh in’s, and 2 weeks of this new journey where the scales where not giving me great results. And I was only 4 weeks in.

Today was the first time I had seen my ‘weigh-in day’ with a result of down and not up, and I am feeling great. But I was never disheartened on the weeks I put on weight at all. I was still super excited.

With the Facebook support groups that I am in I often see so very many people getting disheartened and upset when they do not get the results for one or 2 weeks when they get on the scales, and then it seems to define how they are going to feel about the 5:2 WOL as a whole, that 1 or 2 weeks or even 3 weeks which results may not be in their favor.

I would really love to share a thing I like to do, to help keep me motivated and also helping me to realise that I am on the right track and not be too hard on my self or even ‘quit’ when I have a few bad weeks, just like I have with other diets. I hope this helps to keep others inspired.

This is not a diet (it’s a WOL) – I know people laugh at your when you say WOL, but really it is. Only 2 days of paying attention to what we eat, and not 7 days a week, which 95% of people fail at because let’s admit it who really want to do that for the rest of your life. I sure don’t that’s why I always fail.

Healthy weighloss:

So the people in the know (doctors, health pros) say that 500g per week is health weigh loss.

You know what? I would even be happy with at least 200g per week, it might be a little slower but it is still in the right direction. Especially after being overweight pretty much my most of life. My life journey with weight challenges has been since childhood, but most attempts to try and reach my goal has been mainly the past over 16-20 years, since I was 18 – and never making it all the way.

How I set my realistic goals: (how to stay positive)

  •  500g / week would get me to my goal of 65kg (22kg loss) in 45 weeks
    (that is less than a year) 

    • Average this or higher – mood “excited”
  •  250g/ week would get me to my goal of 65kg (22kg loss) in 88 weeks
    (that is still just over a year and a half years)

    • Average this or higher – mood “very happy”
  •  even 200g/ week would get me to my goal of 65kg (22kg loss) in 110 week
    (that is still just 2 year)

    • Average this or higher – mood “happy”

— 2 years! That is nothing compared to a 20 year battle — to only have at most 2 years to reach my goal — I can do that — it’s not a race it’s a WOL.

My maths method to positive scales:

I use this method below to work out the most important number you should be focusing on when you weigh in – Most important number in PINK

What most people see:

Last Week:
This Week:
This weeks loss: (last week minus this week)
Most people use this answer to determine if the diet is working.

This is what you should do every week before you determine how you feel:

Week no:
Start Weight:
Total loss:
Average weekly loss: (total weight loss/number of weeks)
This is the real number you should be watching, to stay positive.

How I stay positive:

If my average is over 200g, then I am going to choose to be happy, as based on my realistic goals I am on track… Pretty darn good if you ask me, and it allows for slowing when I also get closer to my goal.

 Here are my current results:

So as of the end of my 5th week.

Weighed in today and this is what I see
Start date: 5 Jan 2015
Week no: 5
Start Weight:
This week: 82.5
Total loss:
Average weekly loss: 880g (total weight loss/number of weeks)

 So I am happy — this is way more than 500g, so and well above being on track, I have heaps of spare in the trunk for when I have a bad week or two or three that might run in a row.


Here were my results for the previous 2 weeks:

Week no: 4
Start Weight:
Last week: 83.6
This week: 83.7
Weekly gain: +100g
Total loss:
Average weekly loss: 800g

 Week no: 3
Start Weight:
Last week: 83
This week: 83.6
Weekly gain: +600g
Total loss:
Average weekly loss: 1.1kg

Now if I didn’t look at the average, I would have been getting very upset that I had gained weight for those 2 weeks, but because my average was above 250g which is my realistic goal that I would still be happy with.

Also above 500g each week, which is the top end goal, how do you think my mood is from the number on the scale.


 I am still smashing it with this new WOL. 800g leave me plenty of room to not worry for ages. Now even though the scales were not good for 2 whole weeks, I am awesome and on track.



Want help?

If your not sure how to work it out comment below and I will be than happy to help you work out your numbers.

Share with me:

Share your results below, in the comments. I would love to see how you are going on your 5:2 journey.

Give it time:

Especially if you are only starting out, you really need to give this WOL at least 8 weeks to start seeing decent averages. Then if not working, I would suggest looking at your TDEE intake.

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  1. Corinne
    February 9, 2015 at 2:27 pm (6 years ago)

    Awesome way to look at things!

    • SallySC
      February 9, 2015 at 2:40 pm (6 years ago)

      Thanks – I hope that it help others stay positive.


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