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I started on my 5:2 fast diet journey on 5th January 2015. This is my first blog, but I am feeling so excited about this new way of life that I really wanted to share my progress with the 5:2 intermittent fasting style of living.

I look forward to sharing information on the 5:2 Diet. Answering some of the FAQ that I discover are most common through my support group Facebook pages. Also the last but not least the challenge I have set myself of creating at least one new recipe every week to help make fast day more interesting.

This is the first diet I have ever tried that I feel will not just be a fad, but a life long commitment to a healthy life. I see this way of life as a way to help extend my life, reduce my risks to many health problems by making my body much healthier inside. The weight loss is just an extra bonus (but still an awesome extra bonus) so I can drop the extra 25kg that I have not been able to shift so I can make the outside look as good as I hope the 5:2 fasting diet will make my insides.

You can follow along on my journey by reading my Journal Entries.

I hope that my journey will be an inspiration to others who are thinking about trying 5:2 that there is no time like the present to start your own journey on the 5:2 lifestyle

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