My weight is not going down!

5:2 Fast Diet Hints & TipsSo you have been getting on the scales and starting to feel disheartened as the numbers are not going down. Well try not to.

When you say that you want to loose weight, don’t you really mean that you want to loose fat. Fat cannot be easily measured on a set of bathroom scales. If getting on the scales is an obsession and is making you upset, then you really need to STOP. Don’t get on them if your mood is determined by the number you see in the morning on the scales. You will benefit from either weighing monthly or even not at all.

At the end of the day don’t you really want to look and feel better in your clothes, improve your overall health and be able to exercise longer.

Weight vs muscle gainIf you gain weight on the bathroom scales, it does not mean that your clothes will not feel looser. Here is an example I found of one of Jason Ferruggia clients that show even though you weigh more, that your body can look better.

You can see that she looks more lean and fit with a bit of exercise and weight gain.

The scales are really no longer a useful tool if they upset you especially once you get within 5-10kg of your goal, so please do not let those numbers define your view of 5:2.

Quick Fix & Long Term
Do NOT go hand in hand

Let your choice for becoming a healthier person make you feel proud of yourself as it takes a person with a positive attitude to stick to anything long term. If your looking for a quick fix when it comes to a thinner you that is also maintainable long term I would love to hear of it. At the end of the day it is your own personal journey and you need to stay positive and believe in yourself for success to occur.

I love looking at numbers and statistics so weighing for me is an enjoyable experience. Even when it goes up I like to look at the statistics to see if I can see any patterns an graph them. They never make me sad or angry, however if they upset you just stay away.

Measure yourself

I cannot highly recommend this enough. I hear so many people getting disheartened by not losing weight, but if you take measurement you will see that even though you may not be losing kg’s you are actually losing cm’s. And really isn’t this what us girls want, to fit into that smaller outfit.

Stick to 5:2 life style and just believe that you are doing wonders for your insides to live longer and healthier. You clothes and comments from other people will be your guide.

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