Almost 5 Years and down 55kg

I have been slowly losing weight for the past 5 years. I decided to not to much pressure on myself and stopped always getting on those scales, and decided to enjoy living the 5:2 way of life and the inner health associated with 5:2, and the weight loss is the bonus side effect.

I feel that after 5 years and I am so close to my goal that I finally have something that I can share with others. My successes and failures on the 5:2 journey, and what has worked for me, also what has worked for others through the variety of different support groups that I have run over the years.

The main thing I have noticed with the people who are successful, is their mindset. It is not enough to only want to lose the weight, but it is how you think about the weigh loss and body health as a whole.

I have decided to start my own accountability 5:2 support groups to help people on a more personal level. I started this a while ago, but got very busy with my other 2 businesses, that I was unable to continue with them on a monthly basis. Therefor I have decided to only open the support and accountability groups up twice a year for new members. Then all the new members can join together at the same time, and get to know each other and have each others back on this life long journey.

I started a Jan 2014 group when I decided to make 5:2 a massive focus in my life and had a large group of ladies join with me at the same time. Almost 3 years down the track, the group is still going and I have made some life long friends.

I run and manage lots of different groups for various educational purposes, so have a great deal of experience with helping people to improve themselves personally and for business.

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